Node LTS (Current 14.15.1)

You can install Node LTS using NVM. NVM is a tool to manage multiple versions of Node in the same machine. For more information, you can refer to the official docs. Check your Node installation with this:

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You need to install Java to be able to compile APK’s and run applications in emulators/devices. OpenJDK works fine in Manjaro and you can install it like this:

You can check if Java was successfully installed:

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We are developing an Excel Addin using ReactJs+UI Fabric React. This application is working already in production but there are new features in our product roadmap. We started using Office UI Fabric React 6 which didn’t support TypeScript but this year Fabric React 7 was released and TypeScript is now supported! 🚀😂🤩

Now for us, these are good and bad news. We wanted to integrate the new version because of improvements and stability, but our code base is a little bit large. We evaluate to migrate everything to TypeScript but we do not have the time to do it. I…


Mongo BI Connector is an awesome tool to use your Mongo DB storage as aBusiness Intelligence Cube. If you ran Mongo DB as Docker container maybe you asked how do you run Mongo BI Connector as a container also. Unfortunately there is almost nothing at Docker Hub to run this.

But nothing is lost. You can always build your own image. Here is a simple Dockerfile to achieve this requirement. You should use a mongosqld.conf in order to run Mongo BI Connector successfully.


I had a task in which I built an analytics dashboard as part of a supply chain management system. I wrote our localization for English language because it is almost universal. This project started as a prototype so I wrote hard coded labels and every display (my bad 🤯😈). The project was successful and our customers wanted to use it in production soon.

In this project there are a lot of translations that comes from fields in databases so I made a research for translations management platforms and I found Traduora. This project looks promising and was exactly what I…

As part of an innovation project, I had to develop an analytics dashboard for a data storage in MongoDb. I found an interesting component to achieve my goal and this is Mongo BI Connector.

According to documentation there is no release for Ubuntu 18.04 😢, so we are gonna try to install another version compiled for Ubuntu 16.04. First of all we need to create a folder in which we are going to store Mongo BI Connector binaries, let’s start:

Then we are going to download Mongo BI Connector binaries

And then we…

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